Noisy Silence

“Noisy Silence“ is the second after the “Strong Currents" series of color photographs taken in summer 2009 during mental-bike trip around Iceland. With my friend Paul we crossed by bikes almost 1500 km (about 1000 miles) of the Icelandic interior. Along the way we experienced a lot of weird, extreme and extraordinary phenomena and images. After returning home from Iceland I kept on hearing a constant noise in my ears. At some point I realized that for over a month of our journey our brains were constantly attacked by the sounds of wind, seas, geysers, geothermal fields as well as images of unearthly origin. Cut off suddenly from those phenomena-images my brain behave like an addict cut off from drugs. Hearing the noises all the time while sitting alone at home in silence led me to a conclusion that… silence is full of noises.

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